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Training Toolbox

State and federal regulations require school district employees to be trained in areas relative to their job responsibilities. These trainings assist districts in reducing their liability and, more importantly, keeping their staff safe. SIA has created a variety of ready-to-use training tools supervisors can use to educate their staff.

PPT DocumentHazard Communication PowerPoint (14 slides)

Training tips:

  • This PowerPoint presentation can be completed with your district's specific information. Review the presentation and fill-in the “{ }” sections.
  • Consider using a sample SDS as part of your training to ensure staff understands how to use one.
  • SIA videos are also available to use during your training. Please visit our library and search under “hazardous materials.” Library materials may be requested via email.

Word DocumentSample Hazard Communication Program (doc)

- California’s hazard communication regulation requires employers to inform employees of the hazardous substances to which they are exposed on the job. Increased awareness and proper training of the chemicals used promotes safer work practices.


Training handouts


Word DocumentHow to use a SDS (doc) - handout

Word DocumentChemical Safety (doc) - handout


Globally Harmonized System


The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) was established to standardize and streamline the information on chemicals worldwide. Employees who are exposed to chemicals at the worksite are required to be trained on how to understand the new labeling and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) formats. This program should be part of your full hazard communication program.

PPT DocumentGlobally Harmonized System (ppt - 11 slides)

Word DocumentGlobally Harmonized System Handout (doc)

Flinn Scientific (video & handout)

- If you sign up with Flinn, you can view the video, take the test and then receive a certificate for taking the course. To do this, be sure to click on the “sign up” button on the “Earn Certification” section. This will trigger the video and the quiz following the video.

OSHA Hazard Communication

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard QuickCards


Also check out our SIA Resource Library for the following titles: OSHA Hazard Communication


  • Hazard Communication - How to Comply with GHS

PPT DocumentHeat Illness PowerPoint (23 slides)

Word DocumentHeat Illness Prevention Plan (doc)

- The California Code of Regulations requires all employers, including districts, to have a heat illness prevention plan.  SIA’s model plan is designed to assist the district in establishing procedures that meet the regulation and to reduce the risk of heat related illnesses.  Note:  Items noted within brackets – { } require district specific information.  Be sure to complete these items so the entire plan reflects your district’s procedures.

HandoutsBe Heat-Healthy poster thumbnailPrevent Heat Illness poster thumbnail

PDF DocumentHazards of Heat (pdf)

PDF DocumentPreventing Heat Disorders (pdf)


Email request Prevent Heat Illness poster   

Email request Heat-Healthy poster

More Resources

Employer Sample Procedures For Heat Illness Prevention from Cal/OSHA

CalOSHA Heat Illness Prevention page

Also check out our SIA Resource Library for the following topics:

  • Heat Stress: Staying Healthy, Working Safely DVD (15 min.)
  • Handling The Heat, Video (5 min.)
  • Heat Can Kill, Video (6 min.)