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Youth Suicide Prevention Training Module in Hour Zero Online

September is Suicide Prevention MonthSuicide is the second leading cause of death among young people.  SIA and Hour-Zero have launched a new training module to help school staff address the growing concerns of youth suicide.  This module is now available to all SIA members who have enrolled in HZ Online. HZ Online is provided at no cost to SIA Members.  To enroll your district, please contact Jennifer McCain at

Suicide can cast a bleakness over a school; often raising anguished questions of What did we miss? or What could we have done? Yet, there is still a reluctance to discuss it, particularly in schools

Even in silence, there is sound. Statistics reveal that eight out of ten people considering suicide give some sign of their intention. Knowing what to listen and watch for in the warning signs and risk factors can help save a student’s life.

The training course is designed to help all school staff, regardless of position, strengthen their ability to recognize the risks and warning signs of suicide and how to seek help for students.

The course is part of a package of new offerings from Hour-Zero.

Suicide Prevention Policy - Member Alert AB 2246 - Apr 2017