Resources High school boy carving in art class and cafeteria worker getting bucket of water

Online Training

Lifting and Carrying Safely

Health and Fitness Specialist, Marshall Shimmon, demonstrates the proper techniques for lifting and moving heavy and bulky objects in the workplace.

Duration: 11 minutes

Playground Safety

This course is an overview of basic playground supervision safety issues. It is an introductory guide to preventing playground injuries.

Duration: 7 minutes

Playground Safety - update

This video is an update to the Playground Safety video.

Duration: 4 minutes

Risk Avoidance at School Celebrations

Holiday parties and other social celebrations are a fun opportunity for employees to gather and build relationships.  These celebrations can also be a problem when alcohol and inappropriate behavior are present.   Events sponsored or associated with the school district  increase the district’s  risk exposure.  Learn about the potential liabilities and how losses can be prevented.

Duration: 8 minutes

School Zone Danger Zone

Interviews with those who know some of the dangers of school zones.

Duration: 11 minutes

Street Smart is Street Safe

Information to help protect the safety of crossing guards and students.

Duration: 14 minutes

Unique By Design - Training Program for School Districts

Important informational program on your Workers Compensation program and how you can best manage your employees’ on-the-job injuries.

Duration: 6 minutes

Walk the Walk

Steps that need to be taken to reduce pedestrian accidents. 

Duration: 23 minutes