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Mandated Reporter - Member Alert AB 1432 - May 2015


See Member Alert - AB 1432 Child Abuse Reporting for further information

All SIA Member Districts have access to the HZ Online  Mandated Reporter Training Program to address the specific issues and concerns of educators with regard to mandated reporting requirements and comply with AB 1432 and California Education Code §44691.

Online Training Module Contents:

  • What the law requires of you as a mandated reporter
  • How to spot indicators of possible child abuse or neglect
  • How to talk to children about suspected abuse
  • How to make a report
  • What happens after a report is filed
  • Special issues related to child abuse reporting in the school environment
  • At the conclusion of the training you will take a final test

HZ Online Training Program features:

  • Trackable training
  • Training testing
  • Easy monitoring
  • Compliance reporting
  • Program management
  • Auto-reminders
  • Annual requirements checklist
  • Data update reports