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COVID-19: Remote Work and Wellness Resources

As we all navigate the ongoing changes due to the necessary responses to COVID-19, SIA would like to share resources to help our member district staff and their families.  We will continue to update these resources so please visit often.

Stay safe and healthy!

Training links for school district staff

HZ Online

Integrated Pest Management:

How to Use an Epi Pen

SIA’s 30 Ways to Prevent Arson

CDC Concussion Course

Project Manager's Guide to Accessible School Parking Areas

Virtual Training - Bob Pike Training Resources (search site for free resources)


Support for Remote Leaders – webinars and articles to help leaders support their teams while working remotely.  Kevin Eikenberry is a recognized expert on leadership and has presented at the SIA Leadership Academy.

Popular Virtual Meeting Services

Ergonomics for the Remote Office

Ergo Set up

Work from home ergo tips

Feel Good Stretches

Work at Home Essentials

Playgrounds / Recess

Maintaining a Safe Playground during COVID-19

Self Care Links

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Self Care 90 second videos:

​12 free yoga and meditation classes, specifically designed to help relieve stress and anxiety

Calm Meditations

Dr. Leaf

Resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle

American Heart Association - Resources to maintain healthy lifestyle amidst COVID-19 outbreak

ACSM - Staying Physically Active during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Greater Good Guide to Well Being

Kaiser - Coronavirus information

Kaiser MyStrength

Resources for Families

Commonsense Learning Resources

How to talk to Children About COVID

Virtual Museum tours

National Geographic for Kids

Explaining COVID-19 to kids

Here is the link for the free audio books while schools are closed for students.

MHN Resources & webinars

Employee Assistance Program information

Which districts are participating in the EAP program?

Understanding Stress and How to Manage It

When Anxiety Becomes too Much

Follow these links for the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations regarding school closures and a checklist for teachers and parents:

COVID-19 Child Care Resources

State-by-State Child Care Resources


Emotional and Mental Wellness

Maintaining Composure During COVID-19

National Alliance for Mental Illness

COVID - 19 K12 Counseling

CDE Help for Students in Crisis

Supporting LGBTQ Students during Quarantine


Money & Financial Resources

Maximizing Your Budget & Savings During Life Changes - recorded webinar

Managing Debt During Challenging Times - recorded webinar

Understanding, Building, and Maintaining Good Credit - recorded webinar

Advanced Budgeting - recorded webinar

Emergency Savings - Savings 2.0 - recorded webinar

Smart Holiday Spending - recorded webinar

Smart About Money