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Relaxation Tips for the Workplace

Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families, therefore it is important that we learn how to recognize stress and its effects on our health and ways to best manage this stress.  Even if you feel that the stress you’re under is out of your control this workshop is for you.  This is a fun, eye opening look at the physiological effects of stress on our bodies and how by thinking outside the box we can incorporate some useful and easy to follow techniques at work to help us get through the day without causing more harm to our health.

Presentation Objectives:

Learn about the different types of stress we face

Learn the physiological response that stress has on the body

Learn some easy to follow techniques to reduce your stress while at work

Chose to practice a few relaxation techniques that will be demonstrated to you during the presentation.

Presentation Length: 1-2 hour workshop available

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