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Psychology of Eating Behavior

Ever wondered why we eat the way we do?  Even with the numerous amounts of health information available today we still manage to find our way to the buffet table.  This presentation will unveil some of the unconventional ways in which we can influence our eating habits.  In addition, we will uncover the seemingly sneaking techniques used by restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, and food manufactures alike that have been shown to influence your appetite and your pocketbook.    

Presentation Objectives

  1. Learn practical skills for changing your eating behavior

  2. Learn how marketing and social situations can affect your eating behavior

  3. Learn how to make simple yet effective changes to your daily eating behavior.

  4. Discover how the brain effects the appetite and how you can maneuver your way through certain environments without giving up total control of your appetite.

    Presentation Length:  1 - 2 hour workshop available

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