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Managing People - What's Personality Got to Do With It?

Managing People ...what's personality got to do with it? by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

What is it that makes the difference in why and how we relate to other people? Learn how personality is that “automatic pilot” in each of us that creates a bridge to understanding. This workshop will help you understand why people consistently and predictably do the things they do and also make you aware of the challenges and limitations of your own traits. You'll learn how to utilize the knowledge and understanding of personality differences to supervise, influence, and motivate your subordinates, peers, and associates. Based on the work of Carol Ritberger, PhD., learn what color you are – Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green.

Presentation Objectives

  • Experience less stress in the workplace
  • Greater understanding of neurological qualities that drive how we gather information and make decisions
  • Increase communication skills with those who gather and make decision differently
  • Understand the strengths of yourself and of those you supervise and manage

Presentation Length: 3 - 6 hours

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