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Life Balance

Are all areas of your life receiving equal attention? Our roles and responsibilities create busy and complex lives. Imbalance in our lives can lead to disorganization, distraction, and dissatisfaction. A clearer focus on all areas of life will lead to a simplified, more manageable approach, enabling goal attainment.

Presentation Objectives

  • Experience the freedom of a simplified approach to life activity planning.
  • Learn how to quickly capture and convert thoughts into action steps.
  • Discover tools to create a structured brainstorming session to clear your mind of “have to” activities enabling room for “want to” activities.
  • Create a system that will allow you to alleviate the anxiety of forgetting something important.
  • Imagine how to become your own personal assistant that helps you multiply your productivity.
  • Explore areas that you desire improving for personal, professional, and health ambitions.
  • Become comfortable using SMART goals to get what you want out of life.

Presentation Length: 1 - 2 hours

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