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Injury Prevention

Have you explored all the ways to prevent injuries in your professional and personal life? Preventing injuries is most effective when practiced as a lifestyle. We are able to accommodate injury prevention on many fronts based on your specific need. Some working environments benefit most from the observations of a third party in order to assess best safety practices. Other sites may benefit equally with basic education on ways to prevent injuries. Contact Marshall Shimmon in Prevention Services to discuss what may benefit your workers best.

Photo with workshop instructor demonstrating proper lifting technique.

Services Available

  • Onsite interactive observation to assess best practices for specific physical job demands.
  • Onsite demonstration and practice of proper body mechanics specific to job classifications.
  • Back support belts are available contingent upon completion of 30 minute presentation of proper use of belt and body.
  • General injury prevention presentations.

Presentation Objectives

  • Learn how to avoid 95% of the risk associated with accidents.
  • Explore ways to work safer and more efficiently.
  • Discover the benefit of brainstorming for simple solutions to seemingly complex challenges.
  • Provide back support belts and education for preventing back injuries.
  • Educate employees on best practices to avoid injuries.
  • Ongoing and re-education of proper lifting and carrying practices.
  • Maintain compliance with district Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) by conducting regular safety training.
  • Learn best safety practices that protect you on and off the job.

Presentation Duration: 30 minutes – 2 hours

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