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Bringing Heart to Work

What is it that connects us to our creativity, to our inexhaustible imagination where problems are solved from a place of newness rather than “the same old way?” Learn how to bring “self” to work in a new way and address the fragmented self that may occur as a result of the stresses of work. Scientifically validated research shows the link between emotions, heart-brain communication and cognitive function; now learn the benefit of using the “heartmind” that provides generative processes and expansive thinking.

Bringing Heart to WorkPresentation Objectives

  • Recognize the heart’s role in your satisfaction at work
  • Become aware of the value of emotion
  • Answer the question for yourself “how do the head and heart work together?”
  • Create a bridge to hear the messages of thought and emotion more clearly

Presentation Length:   2  - 3 hours

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