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1000 Things Went Right Today

A Thousand Things went Right Today!There is so much to be grateful for in life!  It is so easy to let the small things go unsaid or unnoticed. Your beliefs and attitude play a large part in whether you see the glass as half empty or the glass half full.  Learn how past programming and conditioning may have lead you down a path of negativity and learn how to create an attitude of gratitude!  Create a team that thrives on appreciation.

Presentation Objectives

  • Learn practical skills for putting attention on the things going right instead of always focusing on the things going wrong
  • Learn how to shift your focus through practical, interactive exercises that let you practice positive thinking
  • Discover how the simple tools of the 1000 Things Went Right Today program can create a worksite environment of appreciation

Presentation Length:  1  - 2 hour workshop available

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