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WeTip Brochures

WeTip offers a variety of brochures to provide more detailed information on their various services. All brochures are free to SIA member districts. When requesting copies, please let us know how many you need and where you would like them shipped.

All Crimes

Help stop the serious crimes happening in your school, community or workplace! View the transcript (doc).

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Save our schools. If you have information about weapons or crime in your school Call WeTip. View the transcript (doc).

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Drug Free School Zone

If you have information about someone selling drugs at school, Turn ‘em in, call WeTip. View the transcript (doc).

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If you’re scared of drugs you’re smart

Become a part of the solution stop the problem at the source before it’s too late. View the transcript (doc).

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We Tell

Help stop crimes against children. View the transcript (doc).

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Fight back against

Fight back against Drugs, gangs, robbery, vandalism, violence and weapons in your school by calling WeTip. View the transcript (doc).

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School Safety Alliance

Continuous communication between your school district (your liaison) and WeTip will allow effective support and feedback to deal with the individual needs and concerns of your school districts. Keep WeTip up to date by faxing and mailing new information about crimes that are affecting your schools. View the transcript (doc).

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Stop Hate crimes and Bullying

Are you being bullied at school? If you are being bullied at school or know of someone who is call WeTip. View the transcript (doc).

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WeTip specializes in anonymous tip programs dealing with sensitive issues including juvenile fire setters and juvenile arson offenders, school arson fires, bombs, explosive devices, municipal fires and threats, weapons, and illegal fireworks. View the transcript (doc).

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Corporate Ethics

The anonymous full service independent hotline that your employees can use to report workplace problems and questionable accounting or auditing matters. View the transcript (doc).

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Financial Institutions

Continuous communication between your financial institution, (your liaison) and WeTip will allow effective support and feedback to deal with the individual needs and concerns of your financial institution. View the transcript (doc).

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The only thing more important than winning your trust is keeping it. Earning your trust opens many doors that lead to progress, growth, and success, both for you and for us. We would like to put our philosophy to work for you. View the transcript (doc).

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Crime Free Housing

Continuous communication between your community or housing authority liaison and WeTip will allow effective support and feedback to deal with the individual needs and concerns of your housing complex. View the transcript (doc).

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You have the right to work in a safe, non-hostile environment. If you have information regarding any type of harassment–racial, sexual or other against yourself or any other employee, or if you are aware of any type of fraud, embezzlement or any illegal activity you are urged to make an anonymous call to WeTip. View the transcript (doc).

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Stop the spread of gangs and graffiti. View the transcript (doc).

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School Safety Alliance

Step-by-Step procedures for utilization of the WeTip program. View the transcript (doc).

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Welfare fraud

Child Care Fraud and Food Stamp Trafficking (selling of food stamp benefits) is costing you a bundle! View the transcript (doc),

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