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Seasons change and so do the challenges in our schools. We can take steps to protect ourselves and school property from the effects of weather. SIA offers practical seasonal information that will help keep you and your campus safe.

Preparing Your District Property for Winter

A checklist to help prepare you district property for winter.

Driving Safely in Winter
Driving Safely When the Time Changes

SIA data has shown an increase in vehicle accidents in fall and spring around the time change.  Please remember to be extra cautious when driving since the position of the sun may affect your vision. 

Avoiding Falls This Fall

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common types of accidents. Even worse, they're among the most common kinds of accidents causing permanent health problems. As the weather begins to cool and leaves begin to fall, opportunities for injury increase. Consider these tips to reduce your chance of injury and to make your campus safer.

Preventing Freeze Damage in Your District

Winter is here and so is the potential for damage due to freezing temperatures. Several years ago, many of our member districts experienced great losses to frozen or bursting pipes. Special consideration should be given to sites that may be closed and heating turned off during the holidays. Consider these tips in preparing your sites.

Summer Vandalism Prevention Tips

An empty campus can be a temptation for both mischievous kids and adults. The warm summer months allow for late outside activities and often the neighborhood children are finding themselves on school campuses looking for something to do. What can you do to protect your campus from vandalism? We provide a few suggestions.