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Employee Entrance Evaluation (E3)

To schedule an E3 appointment:

  1. You must have been offered a position by one of SIA’s participating districts.
  2. Read the Employee Entrance Evaluation Process and Procedures brochure provided to you by the district. This will give important information about how to prepare for the test. You can also read it here. If you have any questions about the material in the brochure, ask when scheduling your appointment.
  3. Call SIA at 916-364-1281 and ask to schedule an E3 appointment. 

Appointments fill quickly, so please call to schedule as soon as you receive your authorization form.

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Most classified jobs within our member districts are physically demanding; requiring individuals to lift and carry on a regular basis. Before entering into a position, it is reasonable and appropriate to determine that there is a match between what a position requires physically and the physical ability of the candidate. This is a pre-employment, post offer physical ability test that enables the candidate and school district to screen in candidates whom can perform the job tasks within a position before they begin working.

From the onset of our E3 program in 1988 we have continued to provide quality health and safety education as part of the standard E3 evaluation. To ensure that the safety of the candidate is maintained as the top priority all candidates will confidentially review their health history with the testing Technician prior to testing. Occasionally a candidate will be issued a medical clearance form to be signed by their Physician prior to testing if an existing condition makes testing either unsafe, or may be aggravated during testing; HIPAA laws prevent any medical information to be relayed to the employer, therefore does not impact hiring criteria.

Our Technicians are health professionals that test on average 1200 candidates annually for most of our 34 member districts. Although roughly 90% of candidates pass the evaluation more than 90% demonstrate unsafe lifting technique (not factored in to cutoff score) all candidates receive education on personal safety, safe lifting and carrying practices, flexibility, health, and fitness. All cutoff scores are the minimum physical requirements for each individual school district and job classification, required to perform the job safely per validation studies. All equipment is calibrated per manufacturer's recommendations.

For further information on this program, please contact Marshall Shimmon, Prevention Services Department.


E3 Process and Procedures

Employee Entrance Evaluation Brochure (pdf)

Notice of Privacy Practices

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