Loss Prevention Two cafeteria workers posed and smiling and high school softball player with mitt


Good dietary habits can promote health and reduce the risk for major chronic diseases. Proper nutrition is necessary for providing energy to accomplish our daily tasks as well as our life goals.


Photo of cafeteria worker serving fruitThe following printed materials are available upon email request to Prevention Services. Please be sure to indicate the materials you are interested in.

  • Calories Count* (brochure)
  • Eat More Fruits and Veggies For Better Health* (brochure)
  • Healthier Fast Food* (brochure)
  • Nutrition: Diets Don’t Work* (brochure)
  • Packing A Healthy Lunch* (brochure)
  • Portion Your Platter* (brochure)
  • Reading Food Labels* (brochure)
  • Mindful Eating (brochure)
  • Tips For Losing Weight (brochure)
  • How To Use Food Labels (brochure)

Email to Request Nutrition Materials