Loss Prevention Two cafeteria workers posed and smiling and high school softball player with mitt


Regular exercise and good physical fitness are important for long-term health and well-being. When we are healthy and strong, we can also perform our jobs safer.


Two women walkingThe following printed materials are available upon email request to Prevention Services. Please be sure to indicate the materials you are interested in.

  • Exercise: The Magic Bullet* (brochure)
  • Shedding Pounds* (brochure)
  • Perfect Pounds: Assessing Your Weight* (brochure)
  • Stretching & Flexibility* (brochure)
  • Walking: For The Health Of It* (brochure)
  • Exercise: A Little is All It Takes! (brochure)
  • Your Step-by-Step Walking Program (brochure)

Email to Request Fitness Brochures