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Fire Safety and Arson Prevention

School staff has the ability to prevent devastating fires on campus. Good housekeeping, proper electrical usage and awareness of arson opportunities are just a few of the precautions that can be taken to reduce the chance for fire. SIA provides tips and tools for our members to assist with their fire prevention efforts.


Arson Prevention Tips - Use this checklist regularly as a tool to identify arson vulnerability at you school site and determine what corrective action needs to be taken.

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A Site Administrator's Guide to Fire and Intrusion Alarms - Site administrators are responsible for the safety and protection of students, staff and property. This brochure provides an outline and discussion points for understanding a school's alarm systems.

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Arson Prevention Tips – expanded descriptions - Illustrated in the video, 30 Ways to Prevent School Arson, this list of the arson prevention tips can be used as a handout.

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School Fire and Life Safety Guidelines - This guidebook discusses fire regulations for assemblies, classrooms, housekeeping, gates, playhouses, carnivals and many other school-related facilities and activities. It will help principals and other site administrators comply with the regulations and provide for the safety of their students and staff. It has been reviewed and is used by local fire marshals.

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Stay Fire-Safe in the Classroom - This brochure assists teachers with recognizing and reducing fire hazards in the classroom.

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Summer Fire Safety

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30 Ways to Prevent School Arson - To reduce the incidence of arson in our schools, this SIA produced DVD educates on methods to prevent fires. This 15-minute DVD depicts actual school personnel sharing their stories of loss and students introducing a variety of practical prevention tips. We recommend that site principals have their school site staff, parents and school neighbors view the program and develop a plan to apply the practical information. The time you take now can save you work and heartache later.

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