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Emergency Planning for Access and Functional Needs

Emergency preparedness is critical for all students, staff and visitors at your school, but even more so for individuals who require assistance during an evacuation. There are a significant number of considerations for the evacuation process which must be planned in advance in order to be effectively implemented in the midst of an emergency situation. These planning documents can assist your school in developing integrated written emergency evacuation planning and procedures for the people who need it most.

Printed materials

SIA Recommendations on emergency evacuation for individuals with access and functional needs  (single-story) -  Get started with this simple planning document that will assist your one-story school in creating a written emergency plan for your students, staff and visitors requiring assistance during an emergency evacuation.

PDF DocumentSIA Recommendations on emergency evacuation for individuals with access and functional needs -single story buildings (pdf)

Emergency Plan for Students with Special Needs (Marin County Office of Education, April 2010): This user-friendly 36-page report is tailored directly to school and district staff administration and addresses the broad range of practical considerations of inclusive emergency planning.

PDF DocumentEmergency Plan for Students with Special Needs

Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities: (National Fire Protection Association, June 2016) This recently updated report includes detailed information for designing individual evacuation plans unique to people with different types of disabilities as well as a particular emphasis on circulation path, wayfinding and emergency egress issues.

NFPA Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide

Emergency Operations Planning: Integrating the Needs of Students and Staff with Disabilities and other Access and Functional Needs (Readiness and Emergency Management of Schools [REMS], September 2014): This PowerPoint presentation features a comprehensive overview of school emergency operations planning process incorporating AFN. The report includes an all hazards approach and addresses lockdowns and shelter-in-place emergency planning as well.

Integrating Disabilities Training Presentation (pptx) 

Forms and checklists

NFPA Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEP) Checklist (NFPA, May 2016) - Creating an individual emergency plan for each person with access or functional needs is the best method to ensure preparedness in the event of an emergency event. This recently updated form now includes a greater variety of emergency situations.

PDF DocumentNFPA Personal Checklist (docx)

Personal Emergency Medical Information (MCOE, April 2010) – Supplement to the PEEP checklist for students with specific medical or medication needs.

PDF DocumentPersonal Emergency Medical Information (pdf)