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Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

The purpose of a certificate of insurance is to demonstrate proof of insurance coverage to the parties involved.

Request Procedure

  1. Fill out the request form provided by the district office.
  2. Attach the entire signed agreement/documentation.
  3. All requests for a certificate of insurance should be processed through your district office for review.
  4. All completed forms and supporting documents must be forwarded through your district office to Schools Insurance Authority.

SIA Process

Please allow 10 business days to issue a certificate of insurance.

  1. Once the completed form and signed agreement/documentation is received
  2. at SIA, the documents are reviewed. If any information is missing, the district will be contacted.
  3. The request is processed and sent to our broker. The certificate of insurance is issued, sent to SIA and mailed to the certificate holder.
  4. The certificate of insurance will then be forwarded to the district office from SIA.