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Sexual Harassment Workshop - Managers

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Sexual harassment continues to be a widespread problem encountered by women and men in the work force today.  Sexual harassment can cover a wide range of behaviors and involve co-workers, supervisors and independent contractors. 

Supervisors (anyone with actual or constructive supervisory authority over another employee) are required to attend a 2 hour training every 2 years.  Attendees will come away with the tools necessary to prevent harassment in the workplace and with a clear understanding of the consequences for violating district policy as well as the law. 

Note: As part of the training, State regulations require employers to comply with the items noted here.  SIA strongly recommends that the district comply with these requirements.

  • Provide a copy of the district’s harassment policy to participants and require each supervisor to read and acknowledge in writing receipt of that policy.  The written acknowledgement should be included in the employee’s personnel file.                                                
  • Maintain documentation of training to track compliance.  Documentation should include name of the supervisory employee, the date of the training, the type of training and name of trainer.  A copy of the sign-in sheet is available upon request.

Seating is limited!

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