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Science Safety Workshop for Grades K-12 Science Teachers

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Who should attend: 

K-12 science teachers, school administrators, and district administrators responsible for safety/risk management. 

Highlights of this workshop include:

  • Empower teachers to design lessons incorporating active, engaging and rigorous scientific experiences while understanding potential hazards and prudent safety practices that will greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents. 
  • Guidelines for common science lab situations, storage and disposal of chemicals and maintenance of Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for stored chemcials, special precautions for the biology lab, chemistry lab and physics lab, and requirements for providing instruction in safe lab procedures to their sutdents and revisiting and monitoring those safe practices throughout the school year. 
  • Participants will gain familiarity with the Science Safety Handbook for California Public Schools produced by the California Department of Education and review the responsibilities of teachers, administrators and the district for maintaining a safe science classroom environment and their potential liability when such practices are not followed.
  • Procedures for dealing wth classroom emergency situations.

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