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Leadership Academy: Lifelong Leader

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Schools Insurance Authority Presents
2nd Annual - Leadership Academy Mini-Conference

Heart of a Leader, Michele Mariscal, Certified Professional in Learning and
Performance with Schools Insurance Authority

Make connections between your head and heart that helps you lead based on your values and a
sense of purpose. Built upon a scientific foundation, learn techniques and self‐regulation tools
that help you to “think and act from the heart” with purpose and intentional outcomes.

Building a Culture of Trust, Donna Montgomery, Ph.D, Leadership Development
Consultant & Coach

Assess your own sense of trust, become more trustworthy and more trusting with others. Build a
culture of trust that lasts a lifetime and builds relationships that matter.

Flex Your Style: Using Situational Leadership to Improve Team Member Performance,
Allison Horak, Trainer/Consultant with CPS HR Consulting

Learn four management approaches that enable you to adapt to situations based on a person’s
style, ability, and motivation. Situational Leadership is a proven methodology that works –
Directing, Coaching, Facilitating, Empowering.

Powerful Feedback, Chad Copher, Leadership, Training & Development
Set the stage for giving powerful feedback that influences an employee’s behavior, gaining their
buy‐in and improving their performance. Giving constructive feedback can be a powerful
mechanism when finding an assertive balance that is palatable to your employees.

Seating is limited!


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