About SIA Custodian picking up lunch debris and smiling girl in bonnet

Partnership with Schools

Our members are proud of our affiliation and value SIA's strength in meeting our mission. SIA's staff and governing board are committed to a positive future for schools.

  • Within SIA is an assemblage of motivated staff representing the highest level of expertise whose talents relate to the needs of the membership and the JPA.
  • SIA Partnering RelationshipsEvery employee is mindful of how SIA can positively impact the finances and the experience of our members.
  • We are rooted in an organizational culture of care, trust and long-term thinking.
  • We provide stability and consistency in a varying environment.
  • We are flexible and have the ability to adapt in meeting the ever-changing needs of our schools.
  • We seek expertise outside the JPA to address temporary needs as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • We promote engagement and active participation of member districts for the good of the pool.
  • We have superior board support and involvement.
  • We nurture long-term collaboration and building trusted relationships within the JPA community and the market.

SIA's visionary team believes in service to schools. Our continuing goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective, relevant programs and services that assist school districts in saving dollars for the classroom.