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Workers' Compensation

Opal Weiser, Director

SIA's Workers' Compensation Program was established in 1977 as a self-insured program administered by a third-party administrator. In 1985, the program became self-administered and the claim administration continues in this form today.

The SIA Workers' Compensation Program exists to provide state mandated benefits to our member districts' employees who are injured on the job.  We see our mission as providing prompt, appropriate medical care to injured employees and all other benefits the employee is entitled to receive, while also working to protect the districts' financial resources. We believe the best way to handle workers' compensation claims is to determine the compensability of the claim as soon as possible, utilize quality medical providers and ancillary medical services, assist the employee in every way possible to stay at work, and resolve issues as they arise as fairly as possible within the law.

Managing claims under California's workers' compensation system can be challenging. SIA employs a staff of professional claims administrators, nurses, and support staff to manage this complex program. The level of experience available to handle our members' workers' compensation claims in-house enables SIA to achieve better than average claim outcomes on a consistent basis. 

SIA's Workers' Compensation Program utilizes special components in its process to achieve positive outcomes for the injured workers. These components include the Early Intervention Nurse, Structured Return to Work Program and the In-House Utilization Review Program. Learn more about SIA's Workers' Compensation Program

Because of its unique approach to the evaluation and management of workers' compensation claims, SIA's Workers' Compensation Program has been studied and documented by auditors, other public agencies, and experts in the industry. In a recent audit by the State of California, Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC), SIA ranked among the top claims administrators in California for compliance with all statutory mandates, with no unpaid compensation assessments.