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Property and Liability

Julie Smith, Director

Schools Insurance Authority's (SIA) Property and Liability Programs assist member districts by pooling their exposures, risks and resources. The use of SIA staff to administer claims ensures that school funds are efficiently and effectively monitored. The SIA staff's goal is to handle claims in a fair and objective manner, while following appropriate claims management guidelines.

SIA's Property Program delivers cost-effective property damage coverage with claim assessment, investigation and administration performed by the SIA claims staff. Each property claim is handled on an individual basis, focusing on bringing about a prompt and appropriate claim resolution. 

The Liability claims team works proactively with member districts to identify emerging risks and claim trends that affect not only the health and safety concerns of the students and staff, but also those of the surrounding communities. 

SIA's hands-on approach to claims resolution enables the member districts to focus their attention on educating students and conducting school business. As a not-for-profit organization, SIA recognizes our responsibility for protecting member district funds while consistently providing timely, quality claims handling services.