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Prevention Services

Lisa Konarski, Director

SIA Prevention Services is dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy and supportive environment for school employees and students. Through innovative and pragmatic programs, we assist our members in saving funds for use in the classroom.

Communication is essential in promoting safety and wellness in the districts. Through communication we can help our members understand the importance of prevention and share methods for the best use of school district resources. Using a variety of methods such as forums, trainings, newsletters and this website, we can distribute useful information that can be immediately utilized. 

Education is key to fulfilling the commitment to safety and wellness. Skilled and knowledgeable SIA staff conduct trainings on topics that address safety, health and communication issues that affect morale and productivity. We also invite experts to share their knowledge and expand our ability to assist.

Resources help our members meet diverse challenges. SIA Prevention Services seeks the best available information, experts and tools that enable schools to comply with regulations, loss trends and training needs.