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Martin Brady, Executive Director

SIA's Executive Director, Martin Brady, is responsible for the general administration and execution of policies as set forth by the Authority's governing documents, subject to direction by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director:

  • Leads the management team and staff in the development and implementation of innovative and impactful risk management and prevention programs, as well as effective claims administration.
  • Monitors legislation and works closely with other JPAs and organizations to further the common interests and goals of self-insured public agencies in the State of California.
  • Works closely with SIA brokers to monitor the market and secure the most cost-effective coverages for our members.


Member Services

Rick Jenkins, Director

Member Services was established in 2016 to assist in SIA’s service and support of schools to benefit their long term health, sustainability and effectiveness.

Priorities for Member Services:

  • Increase member familiarity with SIA, our mission, services and programs offered.
  • Initiate direct contact with key stakeholders to identify members’ needs/preferences, for both short and long term goals.
  • Survey members and evaluate their needs to tailor SIA programs to best meet their goals.
  • Expand communication and delivery of information to district and school staff.


Risk Management

Jennifer Serran, Manager

Joe Costamagna, Manager

Risk Management strives to protect the human and financial resources of our member districts through policy and regulatory support and providing guidance.

Our programs and resources are designed to be readily accessible and cutting edge in technology so they can be implemented consistently and diligently.  Each emerging issue is an opportunity to find solutions that will support and educate our members.

SIA's Risk Manager:

  • Works closely with district representatives responsible for risk management activities.
  • Assists with developing compliance programs to address emerging issues.
  • Provides guidance and support to district staff in responding to pressing risk management concerns.