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Schools Insurance Authority consists of Administration, Finance and Operations, Prevention Services, Property and Liability, and Workers' Compensation departments.

Administration/Member Services/Risk Management

The general operation of Schools Insurance Authority is a collaborative effort of the staff and management of the Administration and Finance Departments, including the strategic planning for SIA's programs. From visionary concepts to the decisions, strategy, and implementation of those ideas, the goal is to meet the needs of our members. 

Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations responsibilities include finance and accounting, payroll, underwriting, actuarial analyses and human resources. 

Prevention Services

SIA Prevention Services is dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy and supportive environment for school employees and students. Through innovative and pragmatic programs, we assist our members in saving funds for use in the classroom. 

Property and Liability

Schools Insurance Authority's (SIA) Property and Liability Programs assist member districts by pooling their exposures, risks and resources.

Workers' Compensation

SIA's Workers' Compensation Program was established in 1977 as a self-insured program administered by a third-party administrator. In 1985, the program became self-administered and the claim administration continues in this form today.