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Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in Schools - Member Alert SB 658 and SB 287 Jan 2016

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When an AED is placed in a K-12 school, section 1797.196 imposes the following requirements:

  • The principal shall ensure that the school administrators and staff annually receive information that describes sudden cardiac arrest, the school’s emergency response plan, and the proper use of an AED. The principal shall also ensure that instructions, in no less than 14-point type, on how to use the AED are posted next to every AED.
  • The principal shall, at least annually, notify school employees as to the location of all AED units on the campus. According to section 1797.196, immunity for an owner of any other building where an AED is installed (presumably including COE and school district buildings other that K-12 schools) requires the building owner do all of the following:
    • a. At least once a year, notify workers or other users of the building as to the location of the AED units and provide information about who such persons can contact if they want to voluntarily take AED or CPR training.
    • b. At least once a year, offer a demonstration to at least one person associated with the building so that the person can be walked through how to use an AED properly in an emergency. The building owner may arrange for the demonstration or partner with a nonprofit organization to do so.
    • c. Next to the AED, post instructions, in no less than 14-point type, on how to use the AED.