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Safely Preparing Your Room

Beginning a New School Year – Safely!

In the rush and excitement of a new school year, you may forget to take the time to work safely.  Each year numerous school staff experience an injury that could have been easily prevented.  Unfortunately, the costs of the claims will affect the funds available for classroom materials, salaries and other resources.  
There are many injuries that can occur while preparing the campus for the start of school.  Falls and improper lifting are the most common incidents that occur while preparing the campus for the start of school.

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Some Common Causes of Injury 
Using chairs, desks, shelves, crates and other items as makeshift ladders.
Tripping on loose carpeting, open drawers, loose cords.
Avalanches: too many boxes, papers or other materials stacked too high.
Improperly lifting heavy boxes
Rushing, lack of attention to path of travel.
Obstructed field of vision from carrying objects that are too tall.

Use a ladder - take the time to get the stepladder.
Store heavy items in lower cabinets.  Do not stack boxes on high shelving.
Ask for assistance in lifting or moving heavy items.  Use a hand truck.
Be aware of your surroundings and stay focused on your route of travel
Use proper lifting technique:

  • Look at the load and size it up
  • Bend your knees and squat as close to the load as possible
  • Get a good grip, tighten your stomach muscles 
  • Lift the load using your thigh muscles, keep your back straight
  • Hold the load close to your body while you carry it

Information provided by Schools Insurance Authority